This spring, let BVS inspire you to "Arise," with works by Libby Larsen, Mary Goetze, György Ligeti, And Rosephanye Powell, among many others. We are also very excited to bring you some new pieces by BVS singer-composers Lily White and Karen Lurie. Hope to see you there!

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Sunday, April 30 2017


Art on the Corner Series, at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

7420 Fourth Avenue, Bay Ridge


Saturday, May 6 2017


First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn

116 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn Heights


Additional Program Notes (as indicated in Concert Program)

A Prayer for Peace

Thich Nhat Hanh (pronounced tick-n'yat-hahn) (b. 1926) is a Zen Master, poet, and author of over one hundred titles in print, and a peace and human rights activist. He is known for championing a movement known as "engaged Buddhism," which entwines traditional meditative practices with active, nonviolent civil disobedience. 

During the Vietnam War, Nhat Hanh set up relief organizations to rebuild bombed and destroyed villages; instituted the School of Youth for Social Service (now, "Program Understanding and Love," a humanitarian aid organization run by monastics and social workers); founded a Buddhist University and an influential peace activist magazine; and urged world leaders to use nonviolence as a tool. 

AS a result of his lifelong commitment to nonviolence, Thich Nhat Hanh was banned by both non-Communist and Communist governments. Exiled from Vietnam in 1966, Nhat Hanh set off on a mission to spread engaged Buddhist thought around the globe. When Nhat Hanh came to the United State in 1966 for the first of many humanitarian visits, he met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and persuaded him to oppose the Vietnam War, fueling the launch of the peace movement. In 1967, novel Peace Prize winner Dr King Nominated Nhat Hanh for the same honor. 

A Prayer for Peace

In beauty, sitting on a lotus flower,

Lord Buddha, quiet and solid.

Your humble disciple,

calm and pure of heart,

forms a lotus flower with the hands,

and offers this heartfelt prayer:

Homage to all Buddhas in the ten directions.

Because of your love for all people,

have compassion on us.

Help us to remember we are just one family.

North and South.

Help us rekindle our compassion and brotherhood,

May your compassion help us overcome our hatred.

Humble, we open our hearts to you,

water the flowers of our spirits.

With your deep understanding,

help our hearts grow light.

Because of your love for all people,

please have compassion on us.

May the merit of this prayer be transformed into peace.

May each of us realize this,

our deep aspiration.


Look! Be: leap;

by Muriel Rukyeser

(as excerpted by the composer, Libby Larsen)

Look! Be: leap;

paint trees in flame

bushes burning roar in the broad sky

know your color:


produce that the widenesses be full

and burst their wombs

riot in redness, delirious with light,

swim bluely through the mind

shout green as the day breaks

put your face to the wind


chant as the tomtom hubbubs crash

elephants in the fleshes jungle

reek with vigor


pour your life in a libation to itself

drink from the ripe ground

make children all over the world

lust in a heat of tropic orange

stamp and writhe;

stamp on a wet floor

know earth

know water

know lovers

know mastery




by Patricia Taylor, age 13


I am fire. You know me

For my warmth and light

For my crackling, leaping

Colored light

Which comforts all.

I am fire. You know me

For my endless moving,

Burning, destroying hunger

Which eats all.

I am fire. I have one foe

Who conquers my might,

Who quenches my thirst,

Who swallows my light.


evening morning day


david lang

text – after genesis, chapter 1


heaven earth

earth darkness deep waters

light light

light light darkness

light day darkness night evening morning day


firmament waters waters waters

firmament waters firmament waters firmament

firmament heaven evening morningday


waters heaven place land

land earth waters seas

earth grass herb seed fruit-tree fruit seed earth

earth grass herb seed tree fruit seed

evening morning day


lights firmament heaven day night signs seasons days years

lights firmament heaven light earth

lights light day light night stars

firmament heaven light earth

day night light darkness

evening morning day


waters creatures birds earth firmament heaven

sea-monsters creature waters birds

waters seas birds earth

evening morning day


earth cratures cattle things beasts earth

beasts earth cattle every-creeping-thing

man image likeness dominion fish sea birds air cattle earth every-creeping-thing

man image image male female

earth dominion fish sea, birds air earth evey-creeping-thing

herb seed earth tree fruit tree seed

beast earth bird air earth every-creeping-thing life herb

every-thing evening morning day



Lily White


Be Be Be...

All of those things, that your mama said

Enter your ears and eyes and wander around your head

When it comes down to it, it's up to you and me

What kind of song to sing and what you will be


Be happy, be sad, be good, be bad,

Be gentle be soft be tough, be


Everything She Touches

Traditional Wiccan


She is the woman who weaves the night sky

Watch her go see her fingers fly!

She is the weaver and we are the web

she is the needle and we are the thread.

Watch her go see her fingers fly!

She changes everything she touches; and everything she touches changes.