Come celebrate our 15th Anniversary with us!

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We know! We don't look a day over 14...

... but we hope you'll join us as we look back and perform some of our favorites from the past 15 years. This December, BVS will revisit works by Benjamin Britten (from Ceremony of Carols), Gustav Holst (Choral Hymns of the Rig Veda), Elizabeth Alexander and J. David Moore. We'll also feature new (to us!) pieces by some of our favorite composers, including Joan Szymko, Abbie Betinis and Jocelyn Hagen. 

We're looking forward to celebrating with you!

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Sunday, December 6


Art on the Corner Series, at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

7420 Fourth Avenue, Bay Ridge 


Saturday, December 12


St. Charles Borromeo Church

21 Sidney Place, Brooklyn Heights




Texts from concert program:

Gustav Holst, Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda

1. Hymn to the Dawn

Hear our hymn O Goddess, 

Rich in wealth and wisdom,

Ever young yet ancient, 

True to Law Eternal


Wak’ner of the songbirds,

Ensign of th’Eternal ,

Draw thou near O Fair one,

In thy radiant Chariot.


Bring to her your off’ring, 

Humbly bow before her,

Raise your songs of welcome, 

As she comes in splendour.


2. Hymn to the Waters

Flowing from the firmament forth to the ocean,

Healing all in earth and air, never halting.

Indra, Lord of Heav’n formed their courses,

Indra’s mighty laws can never be broken.

Cleansing waters flow ye on, hasten and help us.    (continued)


Lo, in the waters, dwelleth One,

Knower of all on earth and sea!

Whose dread command no man may shun,

Varuna, sovran Lord is He.


Onward you waters onward hie,

Dance in the bright beams of the sun, 

Obey the ruler of the sky 

Who dug the path for you to run.


3. Hymn to Vena

Vena comes born of light,

He drives the many colour’d clouds onward.

Here, where the sunlight and the waters mingle

Our songs float up and caress the newborn infant – Vena comes.

The child of cloud and mist appeareth on the ridge of the sky,

He shines on the summit of creation. 

The hosts proclaim the glory of our Common Father – Vena comes.


He hath come to the bosom of his beloved.

Smiling on him, She beareth him to highest heav’n.

With yearning heart on thee we gaze,

O gold wing’d messenger of mighty Gods.


Wise men see him in their libations 

As the sacrifice mounts to the eternal heights, 

Mingling with our solemn chant. 

He stands erect in highest heav’n,

Clad in noble raiment, arm’d with shining weapons,

Hurling light to the farthest region, rejoicing in his radiant splendour.


4. Hymn of the Travellers

Go thou on before us, Guide us on our way, Mighty One.

Make our journey pleasant, Never let us stray.

Wonder-worker hearken, 

Come in thy splendour, come in thy mighty pow’r.


Trample on the wicked, All who would oppose, Mighty One.

Drive away the robber, Drive away our foes. 

Wonder-worker hearken, 

Come in thy splendour, come in thy mighty pow’r.


As we journey onward, Songs to thee we raise, Mighty One.

Thou didst aid our fathers, Guard us all our days. 

Wonder-worker hearken, 

Come in thy splendour, come in thy mighty pow’r.  


Feed us and inspire us, Keep us in thy care, Mighty One.

Lead us past pursuers, Unto meadows fair.

Wonder-worker hearken,

Coming thy splendor, come in thy mighty pow’r.


Joan Szymko, A Burst of Spring