Would you like to help support BVS?

While our singers pay dues each semester, and we bring in some income from ticket sales and grants, the bulk of our funding comes from individual donors like you. Because we are a small organization, each and every donation matters. Whether you are able to donate $10 or $1000, we hope you will consider making Bella Voce Singers a part of your giving this year. Your money goes to helps to fund things like: rehearsal and concert space rental, paying instrumentalists, recordings, insurance, and office supplies, just to name a few. 

We know you value the arts, and our role in the community; otherwise, you wouldn't be here! Please support BVS by securely donating through Paypal - go ahead and click that button!

Our CDs are available for purchase online!

You can purchase our titles below, on CD Baby! Just click on one of the images below to purchase the physical CD or digital downloads!  Not sure if you're ready to purchase? You can find both of these recordings on Spotify, Apple Music (iTunes), and Amazon!